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Health Insurance
Homeopathic treatment is covered by health insurance if you have an additional insurance for alternative or complementary medicine. Most of them cover between 70 and 90% of the costs. Some insurances have a franchise on the additional insurance as well, some not. Sometimes there is a limit for coverage per year. Please check with your insurance for the individual conditions.

Professional association / Register of the insurances
The recognition of the individual homeopaths by the insurances is still handled in different ways. Some recognize our professional association HVS (HomöopathieVerband Schweiz), former VKH (Verband Klassischer HomöopathInnen), others only the EMR (Erfahrungsmedizinische Register), a few only the ASCA (Stiftung für die Alternativmedizin). The EGK (Eidgenössische Gesundheitskasse) has its own procedure of approvment. I am recognized by all of these associations (HVS, EMR, ASCA, EGK).

For consultations, phone consultations and repertorisation (analysis) I charge 162.-SFr. per hour. The first consultation takes roughly between 80 and 150 Minutes, in some cases longer. For the analysis I charge another 60 - 80 minutes. The following consutlations are usually shorter an can sometimes be done with a phone call. The average cost for first and second consultation with analysis is about 500.-SFr.

Short of money?
Homeopathy should be affordable for everyone! If you don‘t have an additional insurance, if the remaining costs exceed your possibilities or if you are short of money, please tell me. Individual fees are possible.

Stefan Sterchi
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