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Practice for Classical Homeopathy
Stefan Sterchi
in Zug
Let me introduce you to my practice, homeopathy in general
and some special
themes like Hyperactivity (ADHD).

Homeopathy Zug

My practice is based on my broad study of homeopathy since 1984, on practical courses with various well known homeopaths and continuous further development. I am working as a homeopath since 1989 and practicing in Zug since 1995.

As a founding member and chairman for many years of the professional organization VKH (now
HVS, Homöopathieverband Schweiz), I got experience in quality management and added to the establishment of homeopaths in Switzerland.

May pleasure in the work with children and my experience with my own children have added to the gift of being able to support children homeopathically. I‘m often pleased when they come back to my practice after puberty and show me that they still trust.

Equally I enjoy the work with adults, be it to support their health, to overcome a disease, a crises or to support in any situation where homeopathy can help.

I have the
federal diploma in homeopathy and based on the new law of health (Gesundheitsgesetz des Kantons Zug 2008) I got the professional license from the Government of Zug to practice as a recognized Homeopath.

Stefan Sterchi
Erlenstrasse 14a, 6300 Zug
Tel 041 712 26 27
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