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Federal Diploma in Homeopathy

Professional Licence to Practice as a recognized Homeopath
by the health department of the Kanton Zug

Homeopathic Treatment

The Practice of Classical or Unicist homeopathy involves a detailed case-taking by the homeopath where the patient is examined and listened to while they explain in as much detail as possible their present symptoms, thoughts and feelings and the past history which has led up to the present reason for consulting the homeopath. After recording the patient's case the homeopath will analyze the whole picture and by comparing the symptoms to the known remedies in the 'materia medica' seek to find the single remedy which best covers the patient's expressed symptoms mental, emotional and physical. This one remedy will be given to the patient in an appropriate potency and frequency of repetition according to the homeopath's assessment of their need. After a suitable interval the patient will return to see the homeopath to assess the effect of the treatment and receive more treatment as and when appropriate. The number of appointments, number of remedies and amount of treatment will vary for each patient according to their condition and its severity.

text based on the Introduction to Homeopathy from the European Central Council of Homeopaths (ECCH)

Homeopathic treatment is possible for any age, from pregnancy on, including siblings, babies, children, adolescents, adults and the aged. Various complaints can be treated with homeopathy like allergies, asthma, chronic diseases, tendency to colds and other infects, depression, skin problems, hay-fever, headaches, migraine, concentration problems, learning problems, rheumatic pains, sleeplessness, behavior problems, ADHD, ADD, eating disorders etc.

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